About Ash Wood Flooring

Ash is a hardwood and is a hard, dense, tough and very strong, but elastic wood. Ash is extensively used for making bows, tool handles, baseball bats and other uses demanding high strength and resilience. We’ve even found antique oxen yokes made from Ash found in the barns of Maine from the 1800s. It is also often used as material for electric guitar bodies and, less commonly, for acoustic guitar bodies, known for its bright, cutting tone and sustaining quality.

Woodworkers generally like the ash timber for its great finishing qualities. It also has good machining qualities, and is quite easy to use with nails, screws and glue.

  • Grades: Premium, Select, Character
  • Widths: Up to 13″
  • Lengths: Up to 12′, most common sizes are 7-8′
  • Cuts: Plain Sawn, Quartersawn
  • End-matched: Up to 12″
  • FSC Certified
  • Available in engineered wood and solid wood.
  • Add a custom stain to adjust the wood color to your project.

What is the difference between Character, Select and Premium grade?

Character grade, or natural grade, wood contains more knots, and variations in the wood grain. Rather than a perfectly straight grain that is closely matched in the flooring, you get more of a mishmash of grains, interruptions of the natural flow from knots and other disturbances. This doesn’t take away from the wood integrity by any means. Check out this great example of character grade wood flooring on Houzz.

Premium grade wood contains very even grain patterns, and similar characteristics of the flow throughout the flooring. These patterns create a very gentle difference in the floor. This is often the highest quality and more desirable style. Check out this example of premium grade flooring from Houzz.

Select grade flooring is a combination of Premium and Character grades. You’ll get minimal knots, and much less variation in wood grain patterns. This is the most common style of flooring you’ll find.

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